New Electronic Tripmaster : ETRIP

Sonde Haute-Température

ETRIP© is the result of many years of research and first hand regularity rally experience.

It has been designed with both professional and novice crews in mind, using the best technology available and ensuring ultimate accuracy and reliability in a very ergonomic design.

More than a simple Tripmaster, ETRIP© is a small revolution in the world of rally navigation instrumentation which will quickly become a key member of you crew on stages.

Now available to your usual Reseller.

High-temperature wheel sensor

Sonde Haute-Température Developed specifically for extreme conditions, this probe appropriate perfectly for big brakes car or mounts located near the Calipers.

This probe is already available to your usual Reseller.

The new MINITRIP arrived!

This year, two major modifications have been made:



  • Lighting LED white "High brightness".
  • External support has been added to make it compatible with LA SOLUTION or an external display device.

MiniTrip in its new version is already available to your usual Reseller.
More information here.

Former VHTRIP MINITRIP update:

We can update your former VHTRIP or MINITRIP to make it compatible with the solution.
Contact us for more information

Rally Monte Carlo 2011:

LA SOLUTION is authorized to the Rallye Monte - Carlo Historique 2011
However, it should not be left on the dashboard during the parks.
Therefore we recommend that you put in your car with Velcro strips.


ATB's history

The brand name ATB was born at the end of 2003 in the same time than the Average Trip Box.

ATB's team is only made up of old mechanics and rally of regularity amateurs.

For now 3 years our products list is munch important, but the our policy is always the same one:



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